What drugs use foil and straw

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What drugs are used with aluminum foil and if they were being used you'd see little flecks of burnt foil everywhere? Thanks.

What drugs use foil and straw

What drugs use foil? - GovTeen Forums

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16.05.2008 · Best Answer: Just about any drug can be used with foil. Meth, crack, heroine, coke, weed. Cocaine can be done a piece of aluminum foil. In fact its 18.03.2008 · We find foil with black residue lines, empty pens, and straws in my brothers room with a bad odor. What drug?

Smoking - crack / freebase tin-foil.

We find foil with black residue lines,.

What can I use for Joint rolling.

What drugs use foil and straw

What drug (like weed etc.) do you use.
Smoking - crack / freebase tin-foil.
DRUG-FORUMS > Cocaine & Crack in the movie traffic, what are they smokin off the tinfoil?.they call it freebase its a form of free basing butthruogh a pipe
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